Motorcyclist Protective Hen

Those of you on the St2 list know by now Gary Egan (Hobatz), riding god, king of the iron butt and general kindly curmudgeon of all things motorcycling has suffered a nasty crash as a result of a mundane error plus equipment failure… He left his sidestand down on the multistrada and turned left. The interlock on the sidestand was clearly not working at the time.
Marilee’s new (to her) Multistrada (Spiny Norman, see and has been lowered 1.5″ and so the sidestand protudes enough to make it a very scary proposition to leave it down. I’ve got protective hen syndrome every morning making sure the sidestand has been retracted.
It’s been a bad year for motorcyclists – I just want us to stay out of the trend.


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