It happened…

Marilee dropped the new bike!  Thankfully she wasn’t seriously injured.  We had just stopped at the yacht club to see if Art and Nancy were still in town, they’d alaready headed home.  On the way back home Marilee locked the front brakes up on a left turn from a stop light (we guess the acceleration surprised her).  SHe must have let them go a little late and high-sided onto the street and slid into the curbing with the bike on top of her leg.  Her ankle is sprained and she’s brusied from her shoulder down to the chest.  Thankfully is was a low speed accident so no major injuries. 

She’s anxoius to heal,  get the bike back in shape (some new body panels) and find out what happened.  Me? I’m concerned that we need to make sure a bad habit doesn’t get formed.  I’m pushing for some one on one drill time with a experienced MSF instructor.  I think it’s a bit early in her development as a motorcyclist for the Experienced Rider Course but maybe not…


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