MSF Experienced Rider Course

Marilee and I spent last Saturday afternoon at the local Experienced Rider Course (ERC). It was good and bad… Practicing rapid stops and tight low speed maneuvers = Good! Having to go backwards to 4 fingers on the brake Bad… Very Bad! The ST4s’ Bremos are marvelous sensitive beasts, hard braking with 1 finger can cause over braking, trying to do a quick stop (versus a panic stop) with 4 fingers on zero practice time is very scary… at least I now know what losing the front end feels like. Fortunately I didn’t dump the bike. Exactly ½ the class dropped their bike at some point though the day. I think everyone learned something valuable and got their $75 worth but it could have been much better.

A couple of observations:

  • The basic course should be required period. The one rider that had fairly serious get off had never taken a MSF course and made a very basic error.
  • ERC courses don’t get enough attention form the MSF or the instructors – the basic course dominates ever since CA started pushing new riders that direction (a very good thing)
  • Riders should be encouraged to take the ERC about 1 year after the basic course and then a follow up in year 2/3.

The US at least needs something more advanced than the ERC. Lane position in moderate speed corners, trail braking into the the corner and much more line planning in linked curves need to be taught along with advanced traffic avoidance skills. There needs to be something in between the ERC and track school.


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